‘Stranger Things’ With Hamsters Is Even Better Than The Original

Plus, we get to see Barb again.

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Talk to us, hamster Will.
Anastasia Thrift

“Stranger Things” is a Netflix show that a lot of people have watched. Only “Fuller House” and “Orange Is The New Black” have had more viewers since its debut, according to Variety. But Crazy Eyes and the Tanners can eat it because “Stranger Things” was just made even better.

“Hamster Things” imagines “Stranger Things” with hamsters instead of actors — and Winona Ryder — as devised by Mashable. The spooky show set in the ’80s is actually an amazing setting for little hamsters to occupy and use their own kind of super powers.

Come back, Eleven. Via Mashable Watercooler/YouTube

Come back, Eleven. Via Mashable Watercooler/YouTube

It has all the finer points of the original: Synth music, kid detectives, Christmas lights and Barb. Yes, Barb! May she forever live on as a hamster.

Lights flash, vans fly and freaky things happen, all while hamsters floof their way around the set. It is ratings gold.

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