Strange Cat Breeds

Unusual cats and their characteristics are food for thought.

I’ve often wondered if, like our dog friends, there are any strange new cat breeds. Like a mix between an Exotic and a Ragamuffin, called the Egg McMuffin. We’re not quite there yet, but here are some unusual kitties and their characteristics.

ASHERA — This infamous feline is a mix of African serval, Asian leopard cat and  domestic housecat. Not only a fun pet,  but clearly the inspiration for the U.N. General Assembly.

OCICAT — These cats are loved for their trainability, similar to dogs. However, seeing a cat fetch and retrieve has recently been declared unnatural by the church and should be followed, immediately, by an exorcism.

NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT  — Actually traveled with the Vikings. So, they may see your house as an opportunity to pillage and plunder. But since some of these are the original cats that traveled with the Vikings, they’re too old and tired. Will wear their helmets with the horns, but that’s pretty much it.

MUNCHKIN  — These cats have incredibly short legs. Actually discovered in the 1940s. But due to leg length, they only just got here.

CORNISH REX  — A very unassuming cat, who insists on being called Rex. Wrongly assumes “cornish” is an adjective. And an unflattering one at that. Make it clear that neither is true and you’ll get along fine.

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