Stopping A Thieving Ferret

Can ferrets be stopped from stealing things?

Q: Is there any way to stop a ferret from stealing things? Any little thing around the house seems to be fair game for my ferret. I can’t lock up everything, and I don’t want to lock up my ferret all day. What can I do?

A: The scientific name for ferrets means thief, so caching (or what we call stealing) is both a common and a natural behavior for them. In the wild, ferrets would “save” some of what they kill to eat later. We see this behavior in our homes when they “save” something interesting for later.

Try to make sure that nothing valuable is left around for your ferret. Place ferret-safe items around for your ferret to steal, instead of other items.

It also helps if you know where your ferret’s cache (or stash) is located, so you can retrieve the items later.

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