Stop Puppy’s Biting Now

Professional trainer can deal with puppy biting problem.

Q. Two weeks ago, I got a six-week-old Xoloitzcuintli puppy. I’m having a really hard time with his bite-inhibition training, and I’m thinking it might just be because he’s dominant. He has a few toys made specifically for puppy-chewing. Every time a human tries to pet, play, or spend time with him, he grabs hold of clothes, hair or anything he can get. I’ve tried tons of different things, but no one seems to know enough about the Xolo breed. He thinks being disciplined means “let’s play more,” and I don’t know what to do.

A. Despite their unique history and hairless appearance, they are no different than any other puppy when it comes to training. Consistent positive reinforcement and appropriate corrections should still be the strategy, even with the Xolo. When it comes to biting behavior, it is imperative that you provide your hairless friend some safe and appealing chew toys. He cannot be allowed to chew on anything other than his toys. If you can’t get control of his behavior, consult a dog trainer to avoid having this turn into a big problem later. A dog who bites and chews inappropriately is headed for a lifetime of trouble, or worse.

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