Stop a Dog From Vehicle Guarding

Dogs inside cars may become aggressive if people encroach on their territory.

My husband recently had our windshield wipers replaced while our Mixed Breed sat in the car with me in her safety harness. Seeing the man “stealing” our wipers, she uttered a warning bark, affronted at this thief’s boldness.

People often underestimate how protective a dog feels about “her” vehicle, an instinct so strong a dog may show aggression to someone reaching in.

Help avoid a dog bite with these tips:

  • If you want your dog to accept people who reach into your car, teach her this early on and practice regularly.
  • If your dog was not trained to tolerate it, never allow someone to reach in your vehicle with your dog inside.
  • Think safety: When running a quick errand, use a window grate made to keep dogs in but hands out or put your dog behind a doggie barrier away from open windows; leave your dog briefly and only during cool weather.
  • Use common sense and never reach into someone’s car to pet their dog, whether she’s familiar with you or not.
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