Stone Fish And Sea Snake In Epic Jaw Lock Battle In Australia

The stonefish refused to let go of the sea snake, which was trying to eat it.

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This stonefish was fighting for its life with a sea snake. Photo by R. Trippe
John Virata

A sea snake and a stonefish, both venomous creatures of the ocean, were battling it out in Darwin Harbor, Australia when Australian diver Rick Trippe happened upon the duo and made an attempt to separate the predator from the prey.

The snake had a firm grip on the stonefish and the stonefish was not letting go of its grip on the snake. Trippe told Daily Mail Australia.

There are five species of stonefish in Australia:

  1. Synanceia alula
  2. Synanceia horrida
  3. Synanceia nana
  4. Synanceia platyrhyncha
  5. Synanceia verrucosa

Trippe was able to separate the two and released them back into the water, but the sea snake made a beeline back to his snack and engaged the stonefish again.  It wasn’t mentioned which animal won the epic battle. Trippe told the Daily Mail if he had let them be, it probably would’t have turned out too well for either animal, as they were essentially in a stalemate. So the question is, should Mr. Trippe, a self-professed animal lover have intervened or should he have let nature take its course?

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