Stolen Parrot, Owner Happy To Be Back Together

After being taken from the Timperley Aquatics Pet & Reptile Centre, a macaw named Baby is brought home.

Sooooooooo happy …. We’ve got Baby back Please share… Spend the good news xx

Posted by Timperley Aquatics on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Little is more devastating than having your beloved bird stolen from you. On August 4, 2015, that? exactly what happened to Graham Ralston. A thief broke into the Timperley Aquatics Pet & Reptile Centre in England, broke open the bird? enclosure, took a green-winged macaw named Baby, and pedaled off on his bike, Manchester Evening News reports.

The Greater Manchester Police were able to find Baby, and Ralston picked her up at the police station.

“I am elated. It is just absolutely brilliant,?Ralston told Manchester Evening News. “Everyone has just been brilliant; it is so good to have her back. She has become a bit of a local missing celebrity… She came straight out of the cage and we had a hug and a kiss. She is bouncing around and saying ?aby,?she is just so pleased.?lt;/span>

Ralston hand-reared Baby; she lives at the pet shop and is not for sale.

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