Stingray Legality

Bonus content from the March 2011 AFI magazine article Stingrays De America Del Sur.

Many states have strict regulations on the importation of nonnative fish. Stingrays fall under these regulations. States that have prohibited Potamotrygon species include Arizona, California, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah and Mississippi. Other states, including Florida and Colorado, have them as a restricted species, which means they require a permit. Anyone looking to acquire a stingray should check with their local government to find out what the regulations are for their locality.

Due to the strict exportation limitations on these rays, many hobbyists have a difficult time finding places to purchase them. The Internet is the easiest source for purchasing stingrays. Many stingray enthusiasts are communicating through Internet chat rooms or “groups.” Subscribing to one of these Internet groups can be a valuable tool in determining who is the most trustworthy source.

One note on obtaining these animals: They are not cheap or easy to take of, and they require a large amount of space. Before investing the time and money, research their requirements and think about whether you can house these animals properly.

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