Still Hungry

I blame Gracie, my cockatiel, for my lean lunch today. I typically brown bag it, and today was no different. Whenever I’m packing something that I think the birds might have an interest in, I break off a piece and put it in their treat bowl. Or, if I’m not in too much of a morning rush, I’ll offer some by hand.

This morning, Gracie let out his “Me-me-me chirp!” at the site of my peanut-butter filled pretzels. I broke one open so he could discover the peanut butter inside. He was so interested in it that I stood there offering it in my palm like I was his personalized table top for a good five minutes, even though I didn’t have five minutes to spare.

I rushed out the door forgetting the pretzels were still sitting on the counter near Gracie’s cage. Later on, I realized that I also accidentally left the mini-carrots behind. (Resident rabbit, Mr. Buns, had smelled them and came hopping on over, unleashing his cute, stand-up begging pose of which I am entirely defenseless against.)

So down in the lunch room, while other editor’s had full arrays of complete lunches, I ate my lonely sandwich with no side kicks, all the while imagining the pets conspiring to distract me again tomorrow so they can lay claim to what’s on my lunch menu … hopefully they saved some pretzels and carrots for me.

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