Stepping Up to the Challenge

A CatChannel regular and her four kitties get to do some product testing for Sandy and Fudge.

Fudge and the test team have a huge fan in a Cat Fancy loyalist named Cathy Protain. She is not only a subscriber to the magazine but reads all the blogs and comments regularly.

So recently when I got some products for testing I tracked Cathy down (that’s another story) and asked her if she and her four furballs would like to test and give Fudge time to focus on her other favorite pastime – snoozing.

Cathy jumped at the chance and soon a box containing some newly created lightweight cardboard pet steps and the litter mat that Fudge refused to allow me to place under the litterbox were on their way to Ohio. Sending them by mule train might have been quicker because unfortunately they got left in the trunk of Susan Logan’s car when she went off to vacation in Hawaii!

The pet steps were something created by Imperial Cat after the success of the Peacock pyramid scratcher. I had complained to Dan Peacock that I loved pet steps for elderly kitties but they needed to be lightweight to that you can carry them about to your kitty’s snooze zone of choice. So we brainstormed and, based on my ideas, Dan sent out a prototype. The plus for cardboard steps is that they are transportable, practical and, with a selling price of less than $20, affordable.

Cathy loved them and said that they had the potential to be carpeted to match her antique-filled home. Good going, Cathy! Excellent suggestion. Also Dan created a cutout in them so that cats can have fun playing when they are not in use for their original purpose. And Cathy’s furkids took full advantage of this idea.

“They are loving them as a play station, too,” she reported.

As for the litter mat, her positive feedback said it trapped litter beautifully, although she felt it was a bit big. So Dan, here’s Cathy’s suggestion; different sizes and different colors.

From my standpoint it was wonderful to get input from a CatChannel regular. So readers, keep your comments coming. All the CatChannel bloggers love hearing from you! And you may be selected to help out when Fudge and the team request more time off.

Thanks Cathy and purrs to Ms Howie, Joey, Niki and Teddy Bear for being guest testers. And a big thank you to your husband — I know what a mission it is to get four cats together for a photograph!

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