Stephen King Is ‘Terrorized’ Daily By A Dog He Calls The Thing Of Evil

But in real life this 'monster' dog is an adorable little Corgi named Molly.

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Stephen King, being terrorized by The Thing of Evil. Via Stephen King/Facebook

In Stephen King’s terrifying novel “Cujo,” a rabid St. Bernard menaces — and murders — the citizens of Castle Rock, Maine. In real life, the Master of Horror is terrorized by a very real, very frightening dog of his own: his scarily adorable Corgi, Molly.

Earlier this week, King posted a picture of his own little nightmare on Facebook.

“Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, tries to convince me she is a Thing of Good,” he wrote. “I am not persuaded.”

And how could he be, when so much danger could be hidden behind her cute little face! King brought Molly into his home in late 2014 and has chronicled her activities — from running on a treadmill to chewing a stuffed dinosaur — on Twitter and Facebook since then. She doesn’t look like a Thing of Evil to us, but if anyone would know, it’s Stephen King.

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