Stem Cells Help Dogs With Arthritis

Veterinarians across the country can treat arthritis and other diseases in dogs using stem-cell regenerative therapy.

Previously limited to the treatment of horses, veterinary regenerative medicine now expands its commercial use to dogs, according to Vet-Stem, Inc.

More than 75 board-certified small-animal surgeons have completed credentialing courses throughout the Southern California area on the science and application of stem cells to treat osteoarthritis, and Vet-Stem, Inc. has recently expanded the program to veterinarians across the nation. Online training courses are offered at the company’s website

In regenerative and stem cell medicine, veterinarians isolate regenerative cells from a sample of the dog’s fat. These regenerative cells are then administered back to the dog. Regenerative stem cells are commercially approved to treat osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, tendonitis, desmitis, and fractures.

To learn more about regenerative stem cell medicine for dogs and Vet-Stem, Inc., or to view the company’s list of credentialed veterinarians throughout the California area, visit

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