Statistics Show Cats Find Fewer Routes Out of Shelters Than Dogs Do

An infographic shows how spay/neuter can curb cat overpopulation, and what's at stake if owners don't sterilize their cats.

Recently, Found Animals Foundation put pet overpopulation statistics into perspective in an infographic on dog and cat intake and adoption rates at dog and cat shelters in the Los Angeles area. The numbers are high, particularly for cats.

“Although many of us would say ‘dog is man’s best friend’, the truth is there are more
cat-owning households in the US than dogs!” the introduction on the graphic announces. “With so many myths about our purring felines, Found Animals Foundation has gathered some facts about the state of cats in our country. Presenting the good, the sad and the changeable about all things cat.”

The private animal advocacy group encourages support of local dog and cat shelters. Profits for a 2012 calendar from Found Animals go to help these organizations. Click the above photo for a larger version of the infographic.

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