Statement From the President of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

FCI President Rafael de Santiago shares his thoughts about Russia's recent anti-gay laws and the 2016 World Dog Show to be held in Russia.

Since Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signed anti-gay legislation this June and July, gay activists around the world have been calling on boycotts of Russian vodka, the 2014 Winter Olympics and soccer’s 2018 World Cup (both to be held in Russia). The American Kennel Club also suggests that dog show judges and exhibitors refrain from attending the 2016 World Dog Show in Russia, and Dogs in Review magazine will no longer be profiling Russia in its November 2013 International Issue (click here to read the statement from the Editor-in-Chief).

On July 26, 2013, Alan Kalter, AKC Chairman of the Board, and Dennis Sprung, AKC President and CEO, sent a letter to Rafael de Santiago, the president of the FCI, urging him to move the 2016 World Dog Show from Russia to another country (click here to read the letter). Last week on August 13, 2013, a response from the President of the FCI was published on the official FCI Facebook page.

The (unedited) statement reads:

As President of the FCI I would like to take a few moments to ponder about recent issues in which our organization has been mentioned. This statement is my personal opinion, but I guarantee you that I will make sure that the FCI will stand strong and united against any type of discrimination or abuse against dogs, humans or any living creature.

Two years ago, during the FCI General Assembly in Paris, Moscow was voted (by majority of votes) to organize the 2016 World Dog Show. Nobody thought that two years later the Russian Government, taking a step back in the pursuit of equality, would approve anti-LGBT legislations.

Although I am personally against the mentioned Russian law, I have to make sure that the FCI follows our statutes and procedures as established. I guarantee you that our Executive and General Committees are working on resolving this disgraceful situation. We must guarantee our members countries rights, but as a global organization we must stand not only for dogs but for dog owners as well.

It is equally important to me to defend the rights of animals and specially dogs. Like the majority of you, the recent case of dog abuse in a Dog Show in Lithuania angered and disappointed me. It is our duty to protect dogs worldwide, and that is why I will make sure this, or any other case, does not go unpunished. I will urge our member countries to fulfill their complete authority and process any case of dog or animal abuse until the last consequences. Cases like this do not represent the true spirit of the sport of dogs and cannot and will not be tolerated.

I want you to know, that I personally cherish and share your concerns regarding these important issues and I am personally working with the FCI team to manage these situations according to our statutes.

If you would like to share your concerns, feel free to share them with me.

Best regards,

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President



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