Star Trek

I haven’t had a chance to see the new Star Trek movie, but I did score a cool “Star Trek Commander Badge” (it’s actually a pin flashlight) from my Shredded Mini Wheat box this morning. I will have to keep it out of reach though because, if the boys find it, it will be lights off and yellow beams dancing all over the walls … and I can only image the frenzy that would cause the flock.

Speaking of Star Trek, many of us bird people have our own take on Klingons, the villains featured on the TV show and in the theatrical releases (but apparently not in this new release), except ours is more spell-check accurate: “Cling on.” This can describe many pet bird companions, especially cockatoos, conures, caiques, quaker parrots … the list is endless. Ollie my conure is definitely a cling on; sometimes he’s attached like Velcro when trying to get him to step off of me. Gracie the ’tiel is more of a vocal cling on, as in his “Hey, where are you going?!” contact whistle.

Another fascinating parallel between the flock and Star Trek is the infamous catch phrase, “Beam me up Scotty.”  Although they don’t say it with words, my birds certainly imply it when they climb on my shoe and sit motionless whenever they startle and flutter to the floor.

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