Star Gets Ticket for Bringing Dog on Subway

Julie White caught trying to sneak her Pomeranian, Lulu, onto a N.Y. train.

“The Little Dog Laughed” star Julie White was stopped by a police officer in a New York City subway station last week after she tried to carry her Pomeranian, Lulu, through a turnstile.

“Lulu’s only 5 pounds, and the street was so crowded that day, I thought she’d get stomped on,” White told the New York Post.

When the officer told the star that dogs aren’t allowed on the subway, the New York Post reports that White insisted that Lulu was a “service dog” who poses for photos to benefit a New York City AIDS charity.

The cop didn’t buy White’s story and issued the star a $25 ticket, which she said she’ll promptly pay, according to the report.

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