Stand by Me

The dark night surrounded Theresa Mullen as she and Congo wandered around the hotels grassy and landscaped areas on their evening walk, the night before a dog show. Mullen never worries much about going out at night with a Doberman Pinscher at her side, so she wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings. Congo, however — like a typical Doberman — was highly attuned to every detail of his environment.

Suddenly, Congo let out a soft, warning growl as a man lurched around the corner. The guy was drunk, and he started talking to me, Mullen says. Congo was at the end of the leash standing his ground and grumbling. The guy said, Oh, you’re OK, buddy. Hey, let me pet him. Mullen just laughed. I told him, No, really, you don’t want to do that.

The man started toward Congo and Mullens personal bodyguard let out a loud, threatening growl. OK, never mind, said the man, stumbling away. In the dark, with a Doberman around, a drunken stranger isn’t going to get too close.

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