Stamps for a Great Cause

A win-win situation: Buy the new pet rescue stamp and send a letter to a friend.

I, like many other pet lovers couldn’t wait for the new pet stamps to go on sale at the post office.

I wasn’t living in America the last time a set of stamps featuring dogs and cats was issued. However, I have always admired a poster that Cat Fancy Editor Susan Logan has in her office, which is a blow-up of the kitten stamp dating back to the late 1990s.

Well, if anything is going to make Americans start writing letters instead of e-mailing, this recent stamp issue called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet may just do it.

My husband Mike tells me that when he went down to the post office last week to buy some, the clerk told him that they’d sold 1,000 sets in three hours! And I learned another post office in the city was completely sold out on the same day.

Good. Because for every stamp sold, Ellen DeGeneres has pledged to feed up to a million shelter pets with food from her pet food company. So this is definitely a win- win.

The models on the stamps were all shelter pets that were lucky enough to find forever homes. And they are adorable, to say the least.

It hurts me that the problem of unloved pets seems insurmountable. So many people have big hearts but unfortunately don’t have disposable income to afford huge donations. So for once it’s nice to know that you can do something small and really make a difference.

And people who haven’t heard from you in a while will be thrilled to receive a letter.

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