Stadium Cat At Football Game Gets Love

In Kansas City, a cat chooses life on the football field over a home with a new friend.

Give me a C! Give me an A! Give me at T! Via donehavinfun/Instagram

During a Chiefs-Raiders game taking place at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, an unusual sight stole the spotlight, keeping many eyes in the stands, as opposed to on the field. The confounding view? A cat being cuddled by a man decked out in a Green Bay Packers jersey.

“Just a man and his kitty in a sea of red,” Max Chilen @donehavinfun captioned the photo after uploading it to Instagram.

Just a man and his kitty in a sea of red

A photo posted by Max Chilen (@donehavinfun) on

As security was tight at the stadium, with patrons not being able to bring in bags and being forced to follow a bevy of strict rules regarding entry, many questioned the curious duo, assuming the man smuggled the cat in under his coat.

“Great work by Arrowhead security tonight,” Taco Salazar @TacoSal sarcastically tweeted [^tfw]. “This dude managed to sneak in an effing cat.” #StandUpJob

That assumption, however, was wrong. According to the man’s friend, who posted about the incident on reddit [], the rescuer spotted the cat on the balcony, about to jump, when he grabbed it, and queried security as to what to do with him. The answer? Hold him. This story was loosely backed up by Chilen’s observations.

“The dude found it in the spiral walkway heading into the game so they kept it instead of giving it to security,” Chilen tweeted to a reporter from The Arrowhead Pride. “At the 4th quarter security came and there was quite the protest to let him keep the cat. Then he went away with them but…I think they planned on letting him keep the cat.”

The man planned on keeping the cat, whose front paws were declawed and appeared to be a pet. But as the man left the stadium at the end of the game with his friend, Sam Nicole @sammyyynicole, the cat scurried off into some bushes.

“We were going to [keep the cat] but it jumped out of my boyfriends arms and ran away from us when we got outside of the game :(,” she tweeted. She followed this with a video of her and her boyfriend cuddling the football fan feline.

According to others who have been to the stadium and responded to the reddit post, the cat is well-known there, oftentimes joining tailgating parties, and cozying up to different people in return for food scraps. A spokesman for the stadium divulges that this the first time a cat has ever attended an actual game.

“There are cats inside the stadium, especially during the winter,” the spokesperson said. “They are feral cats I guess you’d say. This is the first time anybody, at least that we’ve heard of, that someone has seen one during the game.”

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