Stacking in the Show Ring

A breed that is free stacked in the conformation ring should be free stacked in Junior Showmanship as well.

Q. My Daughter is currently competing in Junior handling classes. She shows a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Our question is if she is supposed to free stack a Corgi for conformation, should she hand stack a Corgi for Juniors? Some of the Junior judges seem to act is if she is showing incorrectly when she free stacks.

A. Any breed that is free stacked in the conformation ring (e.g. Corgis, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Miniature Pinschers) should be exhibited in Junior Showmanship in the same fashion.

It can be frustrating to free stack when a judge glares at you and the other exhibitors in the ring are down on their knees, but I think your daughter should do exactly what she has been doing. Since she can’t be inappropriate and engage the judge in conversation, I think you should send a note or an e-mail to the show chair after the show is over and let them know the Junior Showmanship judge seemed to expect your daughter to hand stack her Corgi. If nothing else, the show chair will pass this information along to the judge and the club will point out the traditionally free-stacked breeds to the next Junior Showmanship judge they hire.

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