This German Shepherd Might Be The Best Spring Cleaner EVER

Have you kept up on the laundry, the dusting and other various chores? Because Baron the German Shepherd sure has.

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Why do all the spring cleaning yourself when your dog is willing to do most of it?
Chrissa Hardy

Is your spring cleaning done yet? If you’re a member of Baron’s family, your answer would be “yes.”

Is Baron a master cleaner? Absolutely. Is he a human, though? Nope, not at all. Baron is a German Shepherd who somehow figured out how to keep his human’s house in pristine condition.

The more clean dishes we have, the more we can eat! Via YouTube

“The more clean dishes we have, the more we can eat!” Via YouTube

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by Hill Country K9, we see Baron loading the dishwasher, preparing a load of laundry, taking clothing out of the dryer, dusting, mopping AND vacuuming. And he does it all by himself.

"Am I the only one doing the laundry around here?" Via YouTube

“Am I the only one doing the laundry around here?” Via YouTube

However, he didn’t become this smart without any help. His owner happens to be a dog trainer, and has been sharing his accomplishments and funniest moments on Instagram. Baron’s account has more than 7,000 followers, and he hasn’t even had his first birthday yet! (Hint: It’s on July 17, and we think he’d like some new cleaning products.)

"Well I guess I'll fold the dry stuff while I'm here." Via YouTube

“Well I guess I’ll fold the dry stuff while I’m here.” Via YouTube

German Shepherds are smart dogs and some really like having jobs to do. This is just how Baron does his part. Not only is it seriously impressive, but it’s also so incredibly helpful!

"Don't blame your allergies on my dander when there's dust everywhere." Via YouTube

“Don’t blame your allergies on my dander when there’s dust everywhere.” Via YouTube

When someone is taking care of household chores, you have more time to take care of other things. Or just relax — which we all need more of anyway.

"I'm gunna make these carpets SPARKLE." Via YouTube

“I’m gonna make these carpets SPARKLE.” Via YouTube

Hey Baron, got any siblings looking for work?

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