Spooky Buddies

Disney‘s lovable Buddies, are back for a ghoulish good time in a fantastic all-new Halloween-themed adventure.

Overflowing with trick-or-treat action, the Spooky Buddies film continues the franchise that started with the very popular “Air Bud,” the basketball playing Golden Retriever. Now featuring his puppies, the Buddies’ films have come to life with voices from actors such as Tim Conoway, Ryan Stiles and Frankie Jonas.

In this latest Halloween movie caper, the lovable canine clan finds themselves in a mysterious mansion, as they try to stop a dastardly warlock from his plans for world destruction. Packed with fun, excitement and a bag full of bonus features, Spooky Buddies is a spooktacular feature-length movie that treats audiences to a celebration of friendship and teamwork for the whole family.

Now available in stores, the Blue-Ray/DVD features a puppy interview with the star of “Leo’s Little Big Show”  and a hip hop remake of “Monster Mash,” by the stars of Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up.”  

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 Meet the Buddies and see behind the scenes photos!

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