Spoiled Husky Demands Chest Rub During Car Ride

This Husky needs constant attention, even when her owner is busy driving.

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"Just keep your eyes on the road and pet me at the same time." Via coloradoluna/Rumble
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes the need for affection trumps all other priorities, especially from a dog’s perspective.

In a video uploaded to Rumble by user coloradoluna, a very needy Husky named Luna sits in the passenger seat of a car while her owner is driving. And the moment Luna’s owner stops scratching her chest, Luna grabs her owner’s hand with her paw and demands the chest rub continues.

 Via coloradoluna/Rumble Video

“Umm you missed a spot, human.” Via coloradoluna/Rumble

It doesn’t matter that her owner is driving a car and needs to pay attention to the road and keep both hands on the wheel. Luna wants her chest rubbed and she wants it right now.

 Via coloradoluna/Rumble Video

“My chest isn’t going to scratch itself. Duh.” Via coloradoluna/Rumble

Gotta hand it to her for going after what she wants in life, right?

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