Spirited Helper

They may look like pint-sized versions of Lassie, but for personality and pluck, theres nothing miniature about the Shetland Sheepdog.

Just ask Geri Mercer, a breeder in Sterling, Va., who has six Shelties — five females and one somewhat-badgered male named Reddy. If one initiates play, its one of the girls, she says. They chase Reddy around, she says, adding that they like to tease him.
The Mercer pack lives in a sprawling, suburban home on three-fourths of an acre. The dogs favorite pastimes are shooing birds with their awesome bark and chasing chipmunks and squirrels, Mercer says.

When the dogs are in the yard, there isn’t a chipmunk or squirrel in sight, she says. But if the Shelties are in their kennel, the [critters] know it, so they come out, run past the kennels and up the trees. The Shelties jump up to try to reach the branches.

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