Spicy Rice & Bean Mix

Delight your bird with this spicy, colorful dish!

If you are making rice and beans for the family, set aside some for your bird — minus any salt or other spices you’ve added. Mix it together with peppers, chili peppers and corn to make an attractive, homemade meal for your bird.

The key to this recipe is the mixture of textures and colors. Your bird will love the soft rice and beans with the added crunch of peppers and corn. Colorful foods can be as stimulating mentally as they are healthy.  In an article on the benefits of cranberries, Jill Patt, DVM of the Arizona Mesa Animal Hospital noted that colors are a key part of the overall benefit of healthy food. “Birds enjoy colors, so a mixture is not only healthy but is beneficial mentally,” said Patt.

Pet birds enjoy a colorful blend of veggiesIngredients
1 cup whole-grain rice
¼ cup 16-bean mix
Colorful peppers (orange, red, green, yellow)
Chili pepper (fresh or dried)

Cook rice and beans as instructed by their packaging. For added color, use a 16-bean mix. Included in the mix are various beans (red, lima, white, kidney, etc), split peas and lentils. Let cool. When rice is cooled, sprinkle with chayenne pepper.

Thoroughly wash your peppers and corn, and when chopping, remove all seeds. Add sliced peppers in whatever style you like (chunks or strips), depending on the size of your bird. If not dried, slice chili peppers and add to the mixture. Mix with cold corn either in chunks or, for added fun, in tiny cobs.

Immediately wash your hands after handling chili pepper. It can cause irritation to your eyes or mouth if you are not careful!

This recipe makes about 3 cups, which you can keep fresh in your refrigerator for roughly three days. Your birds will enjoy it cold, too! 

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