Sphynx Cat Breed Profile

The distinctive wrinkly Sphynx forms strong bonds with its owners.



What has large ears, big eyes, bald skin and wrinkles? Sounds like Yoda, the Jedi master from the Star Wars movies. Ask a cat lover, however, and he or she will tell you: That adorable wrinkly creature is a Sphynx, lap warmer and snuggler extraordinaire, known as much for its personality as for its distinctive appearance. “There must be a huge ‘sweet’ gene that accompanies hairlessness,” says Judy Webb Gunby, a breeder from Georgia. “They are very snuggly and loving to their owners, enjoying sleeping under the covers at night and giving little kitty kisses.”

Gunby also describes the Sphynx as adaptable, adjusting to almost any type of family. Because of the cat’s social nature, however, she prefers to place two cats together in homes where the humans must be gone most of the day.

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, a breeder from Michigan, describes the Sphynx as ‘the thinking person’s cat.” She notes the cat’s intelligence, expressive nature and tendency to form strong bonds as traits that appeal to devoted Sphynx owners. “People who value independence, creativity and meaningful relationships will thrive with a Sphynx in their home,” she says.

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