Special Needs African Grey

How do missing toes affect a bird's ability to perch?

Q: Hello I have a question about an African grey baby that had her toes nipped by her mother. Will this affect the bird’s perching? It’s one toe on each foot. I want this baby – we have bonded. I’m not sure I can take this on if it’s going to lead to extensive vet bills. The breeder told me it would be fine but couldn’t breed. I have no plans of breeding, I just want to love it. Any help you could give me would really be appreciated.

Jean Pattison explains caring for an African grey with missing toesJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

One toe on each foot will not be a problem regarding perching. Once grown, anyone that sees her acting like a normal bird probably won’t even realize that she has missing toes. I have seen birds with all their toes off and that need a square perch, and no one even knows there are no toes. They can climb and play with toys with the best of them. Have no fear in obtaining this little jewel.

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