Special Dog Show Review

The Dog World Editor reviews Chicago’s 1916 Lake Forrest Country Fair’s Special Dog Show.

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The proceeds of the Lake Forrest Country Fair being devoted to charity, we will endeavor to be as charitable as possible in our criticism of the so called SPECIAL DOG SHOW end of the fair. The fair was given on the spacious grounds of the Onwentsia Club at Lake Forest and was a grand affair, all Chicagoes 400 were there with their best Ponies, Flowers, smiling faces, etc. The day was hot and old sol was on duty all day and played havoc with many a stand-up collar, in fact one could easily have baked eggs or boil water on the grounds.

There was but little interest in anything but the Ponies. There were elaborate preparations made to house the live stock, such as horses, cattle, swine, chickens, and the saddles, harness and carts all being under tents, while the DOGS and dog exhibitors were assigned to the prairies, the dogs having a thin canvas over them while the exhibitors were allowed to stand up all day in the broiling sun or sit down on the ground under the dog cages as many did to get a little relief.

The number of dogs shown was very liberal and the quality the best in the world, none better, as most the exhibitors were anxious to show their best, and did. The number of visitors (Men, Women and Children) to the dog exhibition were less than 100 in the whole day, making the SPECIAL DOG SHOW a farce, and an injustice to the Dog fancy and an outrage to the poor dog. Of course those having the fair in charge, could not control the visitors, but they could have provided a tent to protect the dogs and their owners.

Then again if the visitors to the Lake Forest Country Fair take no interest in the dog, why have a Special Dog Show in connection with the Fair? Why not give the people what they want, a strictly Pony show. We sincerely hope the management of the Lake Forest Country Fair and Horse Association will not attempt gain to give a Special Dog Show in connection with the fair in the future for should they do so it will be our duty to the Dog and the Fancy to discourage the affair as it rightly deserves.

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, August 1916, Vol. 1, No. 8. For back issues of Dog World, click here.


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