Speared Swordfish Kills Hawaii Fisherman

Randy Llanes jumped into Honokohau Harbor to spear the swordfish.

The swordfish that killed the Hawaii fisherman was 3 feet in length with a 3 foot bill.

A fisherman and boat captain from the Big Island of Hawaii was killed by a swordfish that he speared with a spear gun. Kailua Kona resident Randy Llanes, 47, was docked in Honokohau Harbor when he apparently jumped off his boat to spear the swordfish, which was 3 feet in length with a bill (or sword) that was 3 feet in length. It weighed 40 lbs. After Llanes speared the fish, the fish either fought back and speared Llanes in the chest or the line from the spear gun got tangled and somehow the swordfish impaled the fisherman. The facts are still not clear.

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The swordfish that killed the Hawaii fisherman was 3 feet in length with a 3 foot bill.

According to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, onlookers pulled Llanes out of the water and CPR was unsuccessfully performed until the Hawaii Fire Department arrived. He was taken to Kona Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Swordfish are one of the fastest fish in the sea and apparently have an attitude that doesn’t bode well for those who cross this species. It is unclear why the swordfish, which is a deep water species that lives in the outer waters off Hawaii was in the harbor. Dr. Andrew Rossier, of the Waikiki Aquarium speculates that the fish either followed a school of fish into the bay and was feeding on them or the fish was injured or impaired.

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