Spay/Neuter Campaign Meant to Cause a Buzz

spcaLA kicks off promotion to welcome its Specialty Spay/Neuter Center.

Sex sells, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles has put the word out — literally — on billboards to promote the opening of the Specialty Spay/Neuter Center, owned and operated by the animal welfare organization.

The Spay/Neuter Center is unique because profits directly benefit spcaLA, which in turn increase its ability to help homeless cats and dogs.

According to the organization, the ads are meant to be cheeky and thought-provoking.

Los Angeles residents can look for a Chihuahua proclaiming, “If you’re making me sterile, at least give the money to CHARITY,” on billboards now. A bus ad features a demure kitten stating, “I helped less fortunate animals and all I gave up was SEX.”

A pair of racier slogans were considered to be inappropriate by the organization for outdoor advertising. Those are set to be rolled out in a large print and electronic ad campaign at a later date, according to spokeswoman Ana Bustilloz.

The campaign, though perhaps controversial, is designed to create a buzz and direct attention to the urgent pet overpopulation problem in Los Angeles County, the group said, where an estimated 75,000 animals are euthanized annually. The spay/neuter center offers services at affordable prices.

The center also offers financial assistance for canine spay/neuter to those who qualify. Microchipping, deworming and vaccinations are also available at the time of surgery or by appointment on select dates and times.

Madeline Bernstein, spcaLA president, said the ad campaign really hits the mark, adding, “(It) really grabs the eye and makes you do a double-take.”


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