Spacing For Male And Female Rats

Do space needs differ for male and female rats?

Q: Do boy rats need as much space as girl rats? I heard that male rats are not as active.
A: While it’s true that mature male rats are less active than female rats, they still need as much space as female rats for several reasons.

First, adult male rats may be mellower, but young male rats definitely are not. These little guys are active, rambunctious and need all the play space you can give them.

Second is their adult size. Male rats can weigh twice as much as female rats, and larger animals naturally need more space.

Third is the most important reason of all, every pet deserves the very best that you can possibly give it. A big living space allows you to shower your rats (either males or females) with lots of toys, houses, hammocks and sleeping spaces. Giving your rats a large and comfortable home will keep them happy and content, and that helps your rats be happy and affectionate pets.

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