Soldiers Save Kitten Trapped in Helicopter

A sleepy stowaway was in a Cobra helicopter when on an Army base when soldiers and others discovered the kitten.

Last week, curiosity “trapped” the cat. A little gray kitten looking for a cozy place to nap found himself caught inside an inactive Cobra helicopter within a museum of preserved vehicles on the Fort Drum, N.Y., Army base.

A group of soldiers, instructors and film students discovered the kitten, dubbed Cobra. The group was working with the “I Was There” Film Workshop (a non-profit organization that offers filmmaking workshops to veterans and their families coping with military-related stress) happened by the helicopter and heard distress mews – quickly realizing that they belonged to a kitten who had wiggled his way into a leg joint of the helicopter.

“After feeding the poor thing some milk via drinking straw they were able to finally free the kitten by opening an access panel on the side,” Nicole S., a film instructor with “I Was There” told Cute Overload. “A passing couple –  a soldier and his wife – who had become invested in the rescue took little Cobra (who seems fine, if sleepy) to a local vet to get checked out!”

Take a peek at the rescue pictures. It’s worth one (or several) squees.

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