Soldier Reunites With Dog Who Saved His Life

After a dog saves his life in Afghanistan, a soldier requests the dog be sent to him in the U.S.

Sgt. Chris Duke served in Afghanistan. During that time three dogs – Sacha, Rufus and Target – became his and other soldiers’ companions, giving them an outlet to the difficulties of war, CBS reports in the video. While asleep in their barracks, a suicide bomber approached. The dogs barked and bit the intruder, thereby keeping him away from Duke and the other soldiers. The bomber’s explosive went off before he could reach the barracks. The three dogs had saved the lives of 50 soldiers. Unfortunately, their bravery cost Sacha her life, as she was so terribly hurt by the blast that euthanasia was the most humane option.

When Duke returned home, he thought about those dogs, worrying that the next troop may not want them there. He wrote a letter to a nonprofit organization called Hope for the Warriors, telling them that he wished for Rufus and Target to be taken out of Afghanistan and brought to the U.S. His wish was granted. Watch the video above for the heartwarming reunion.

Though this initially made the news years ago, the story has come back around in what we can only think of as an honor to both soldiers and dogs.

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