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Tiny Socks Give Senior Dog Something To Smile About

A 14-year-old Pug went from scared senior to confident canine thanks to tiny no-slip socks, and now she's all smiles.

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Socks give Leia super powers... sort of. Via Niki Geroni-Lajoie/The Dodo
Stephanie Brown

A senior dog who was having trouble walking on hard surfaces has a new lease on life thanks to a pair of socks.

Last fall, Niki Geroni-Lajoie of Toronto, Canada, replaced the carpet in her condo with hardwood floors. A nice upgrade for her home, but a nightmare for her 14-year-old rescue dog, Leia.

“She was slipping and sliding and not getting the hang of the floors at all,” Geroni-Lajoie told The Dodo. “I was worried she was going to sprain something, being so old and wobbly already.”

Leia couldn’t be happier in the her no-slip socks. Via Peachy Keen Pets/Facebook

Leia couldn’t be happier in the her no-slip socks. Via Peachy Keen Pets/Facebook

To help the senior Pug get around, Geroni-Lajoie gave her little socks with non-skid bottoms to wear. The simple solution has turned Leia into a new dog — a Super Dog!

“She went from being fairly immobile and fearful to walk across the floor to trundling around with a lot of confidence just by putting on her socks,” Geroni-Lajoie told The Dodo. “She helps put them on. She knows they help her.”

Leia may not be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but her infectious smile can surely save you from the Monday blues.

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