So-Called ‘Cat Ripper’ Terrorizing London, Possibly Responsible For Deaths Of Dozens Of Cats

Some believe the killer could be a delivery man or a cab driver.

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A £5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of the Croydon Cat Killer. Via LBC/Twitter

London residents are living in a state of fear after mutilated bodies have been discovered throughout the city, with each grisly discovery bearing the mark of one unknown killer. The assailant has struck in locations all over the capital city and, although there are theories about who might be responsible for these horrific scenes, the person has yet to be identified.

No, it’s not Jack the Ripper, but an equally terrifying individual who is believed to be responsible for killing dozens of cats in and around London.

Based on the number of locations where the maimed animals have been found, some believe the Croydon Cat Killer — named because of the number of cats discovered in the London suburb of Croydon — could be a cab driver, a moving company worker or someone who moves around the city with some regularity.

This week, bodies were found in Richmond, in southwest London, and Edgware, in the north, according to The Telegraph. One of the cats had been decapitated and was missing a paw, two of the killer’s signatures. (Some of the killer’s victims have also had their tails removed).

“I think this person gets off on killing and mutilation,” Tony Jenkins of the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) organization told The Telegraph. “They are quite prolific and traveling great distances. It could be a delivery driver, a [mover], a taxi driver or someone else who travels a lot.”

PETA is offering a reward of £5,000 ($7,100) for information leading to the killer’s capture. SNARL has advised anyone who believes their pet might have been killed by the Cat Killer to call them so that the scene can be investigated. Pet owners are also advised to keep their cats indoors at night.

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