And Now… A Snoring English Bulldog Puppy Taking The Best Snooze Ever

If you weren't feeling sleepy before, you will after seeing this snoring puppy nap harder than anyone.

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You wish you were this good at napping.

It’s about that time — time to take a nap.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by jmarcoz bull, a supremely cozy English Bulldog puppy takes the nap of the century.

While not much excitement happens in this video other than a few involuntary foot twitches and nasally snore, there’s not much more that needs to happen. The video is perfection on its own because it makes you sleepy just watching it.

You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Via YouTube

You’re getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Via jmarcoz bull/YouTube

The pup is comfortably snoozing against a stuffed pig, with a little light music in the background, and is impressively conked out.

Via YouTube

We could all use pig pillow like this one. Via jmarcoz bull/YouTube

Go ahead, watch this video and come back and tell us your eyes aren’t a little heavier than before.

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