Sneezing in Cats

A sneezing cat might have a cold or allergy. See your veterinarian if your cat's nasal discharge is thick or colored.

Sneezing in cats is most often associated with upper respiratory infections, or “kitty colds.” These are usually viral, but bacterial or fungal causes also occur. A foreign object stuck in a cat’s nose-such as a blade of grass-may also cause sneezing. Allergies may be responsible, but they are much less common in cats than they are in humans.

There is no specific treatment for cat sneezing. Take your sneezing cat to a vet if:

  • Your cat’s nasal discharge is thick or colored.
  • Your cat sneezes continuously. Continuous bouts of sneezing could indicate something is lodged in the nasal passages.
  • Your cat stops eating. Loss of appetite and depression are also signs that your cat needs veterinary attention.

Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics and a vaporizer or recommend other diagnostics and treatments.

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