Snapchat Has Officially Gone To The Dogs (And Cats)

Forget using the app’s filters on yourself; it’s a whole lot more fun to use them on your pets (just ask them).

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Snapchat is all about the dogs. Via sinamae93/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Forget duck lip and fish gape selfies. Those are so last year. Now it’s all about the Snapchat selfie. Using the app’s filters to turn yourself into a flower-crowned music festival queen or a glittery-eyed diva or a bug-eyed freak of nature who barfs rainbows is all the rage. Some filters let you transform yourself into a completely different creature, like a bunny or dog. Then there are the pet lovers who are using the app to swap faces with their beloved animals.

We’re guessing that our dogs and cats got tired of all the face swapping with their humans, saw this app and totally wanted to be a part of it. I mean, come on, why wouldn’t they? They’re already all over our Instagram accounts, why not have fun with the photos, too? Unfortunately, it turned into a little bit of a competition between the dogs and cats.

Round 1: Rainbows & Sparkles

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Fido thought he nailed this filter, but Kitty wanted to try it out for herself.

Kitty was not as pleased with the result. They agreed that Round 1 went to Fido.

Round 2: Going Dog

“Meow. I mean woof.” The dog was not fooled and attempted to out-dog the cat.

Who did a better dog was an argument for a good twenty minutes. Round 2: Tie.

Round 3: Glitter Is A Girl’s Best Friend

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Fido wore it well, but Kitty knew she could wear it better.

Fido agreed that Kitty won this round.

Round 4: All In

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Fido’s was good, but would Kitty win the final round?

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She may have. What do you think?

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