Snakes Most Common Wild Animal to Attack Dogs

Veterinary Pet Insurance says snakes top the list of the top 10 animals that attack pets.

The wild animal that most frequently attacked and injured companion pets in 2008 was the snake, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance of Brea, Calif., which evaluated more than 500 laceration and bite wound claims to determine the top 10 wild animals to attack pets.

Starting with the most common, the top 10 are:

  1. Snake
  2. Coyote
  3. Raccoon
  4. Squirrel
  5. Scorpion
  6. Javelina (feral pig-like omnivores)
  7. Porcupine
  8. Groundhog
  9. Skunk
  10. Rat

Though animal attack claims came from all areas of the country, javelina and scorpion claims were exclusive to Arizona.

“Whether in urban or rural areas, pet owners should be aware of the danger posed by wild animals,” said Carol McConnell, DVM, vice president and chief veterinary medical officer for VPI. “VPI’s data reveals that not all members of the animal kingdom observe backyard fences, or appreciate the curiosity of a pet that may enter their territory. Always make sure that a pet’s rabies vaccine is up-to-date and if you know that potentially dangerous wild animals are present, or you’re in an unfamiliar area, take extra care to keep your pet close and secure.”

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