Snack Attack for Dogs

Give your dog a good snack

Its movie night, and you and Fido curl up to watch the latest DVD release. You have your soda and popcorn and notice Fido staring up at you with a sad where’s-my-treat? look on his face. What should you do?

Give him a treat, too, just do it the proper way. Instead of hand feeding him on your moms new couch (and encouraging begging behavior), put a quick snack in his food bowl. Good, healthy snack items include: dog food morsels, dog biscuits (small, bean-sized pieces), cereal (unsweetened kinds ONLY Os flakes, puffs or waffle types), bread (bean-sized pieces), plain popped popcorn (no butter or salt), hot dogs (small slices) and raw carrots (thin slices).

Remember, snacking should be a special occasion for your dog (and you, as well!). Do it too often, and Fido might get flabby!

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