Dyed Kitten Named Smurf And Blind BFF Wanda Find Forever Home Together

Smurf, the small cat who was dyed purple and used as a chew toy, has found a forever home with his friend Wanda.

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Their adorable friendship continues! Via Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Smurf and Wanda truly did find love in a hopeless place.

Smurf was found late December, dyed an indigo color, his body covered in wounds. He was taken to Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, California, where the doctors there believed he had been used as a chew toy. But little Smurf is a fighter and has since made a full recovery. And who has been by his side the whole time? His blind friend Wanda, who was brought to Nine Lives after a family found her shivering outside next to a garbage can.

The two cats became inseparable while at the shelter, and they were eventually adopted together by Dr. Julie Desai, one of the veterinarians who helped care for Smurf when he first arrived at Nine Lives.

Now that they’ve found their forever home, Smurf and Wanda’s everyday antics are being shared on Instagram @smurfandwanda.

Here’s a peek into ALL THE CUTENESS.

1. BFFs With An Emphasis On Forever

Happy and healthy looks good on these two.

2. A Whole New Smurf

This little prince is a survivor.

3.Snuggle Sesh

“Are we close enough? Nah. Let’s get closer.”

4. Wanda The Wanderer

Nothing stops Wanda. Not even a giant box.

5. Smurf The Superstar

His charisma is undeniable. Even when he’s sleepy!

6. Meal Time

These two are always camera-ready — even mid-bite!

7. Peek-a-Boo

Smurf and Wanda against the world.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Nine Lives Foundation has to move out of its current location and needs to find permanent homes and temporary foster homes for the cats currently living in its shelter. The non-profit shelter aims is to have all of the cats in homes by the end of May 2016. Visit the foundation’s website to adopt or foster a cat.

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