Smug As a Pug in a Private Jet

So why are Pugs the most spoiled dog breed?

They shed. They snore. They’re nearly impossible to train. There’s nothing as smug as a Pug. So why are they the most spoiled breed on Earth?

“Pugs are just so darn cute that they have to be spoiled,” says Jennifer Heintz, a physical therapist from Georgia, and owner of a 4-year-old Pug named Alice. “The Puggy face and head tilt almost like a human. Pugs are like little children who make you want to give them everything they want.

“Alice has more jackets and sweaters than I have,” Heintz continues. “When she rides in the car, she has her own extra-soft, pink dog bed.” It keeps her paws from getting too hot on the leather seats. Heintz adds, “She has her own spot on the bed — my other pillow — and she isn’t happy unless she’s there.”

The life that many Pugs lead gives new meaning to “a dog’s life.” There’s something about the breed that inspires pampering. Perhaps it’s the big eyes, the vulnerable look on the delightfully smushed face, or the innocent airs which can be quite deceiving! Whatever the case, Pug owners agree that once you’ve been Pugged, you’re Pugged forever.

Sara Bell, owner of spoiled Pug puppy Copilot, says that one-sixth of the hanging space in the walk-in closet of her home is dedicated to the dog’s clothing, including custom-made and imported outfits.

“She has an outfit for tea, a fancy party, a boat ride, and a sunny picnic. You name the occasion, she’s got the perfect outfit, likely with a matching collar and lead,” Bell says. “She has a variety of jewelry, including a real pearl necklace, several beds for her sleeping comfort, and she gets at least one new toy every day.”

Bell also cooks poached chicken for Copilot and makes treats for her. When this treasured Pug isn’t dining in style, she’s jet-setting in her owner’s private plane, complete with her own headset for ear protection.

Bell isn’t alone in her allegiance to this breed. Even those owners who don’t buy pearl necklaces for their Pugs still offer them interior design and maid service.

“Everything that goes on in this house is for the Pugs,” says Sally Coffer who shares her home with three Pugs and a Pug mix. “The dog beds are fur or velour, something soft because that’s what they like to snuggle in. They have a large laundry basket full of toys and bones, but we still buy them more. Their bedding gets washed once a week in baby laundry soap.”

Apparently, it’s Pug Day every day for these precious pooches. If you’ve read this far and you still don’t understand what the fuss is about, then you certainly don’t own a Pug. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, one will allow you to be her friend someday. Until then, there are always Schnauzers.

Nikki Moustaki is a freelance writer who lives in New York City.

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