Smooth Talkers

The Tonkinese breed is sure to please any cat lover. This social cat is an ideal house cat because they get along great with children and other pets. Be prepared for your Tonk to talk your ear off, as they are known to be quite chatty.

The talkative Tonkinese.Imagine coming home from work and your loved ones greeting you at the door, saying hello and asking about your day. They listen intently and offer their opinions on what you say. In return, they regale you with their day’s adventures. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is. There’s just one catch. Those loved ones? They’re Tonkinese cats.

Oh, and one more thing. When they tell you about their day, please have the courtesy to listen. They listen to you, and they kindly appreciate the return favor.

“Tonkinese talk in sentences and paragraphs,” says Linda Martino, a Tonkinese breeder for 18 years and the current Cat Fanciers’ Association’s (CFA) breed council secretary. Tonkinese don’t waste their time with mindless chitchat, says the California-based breeder. “They’re conversationalists.”

Maryland-based breeder Wanda Martin concurs, and says that when she scolds one particular female, the cat actually seems to argue back with her.

“Chatty” characterizes this breed. Tonkinese cats thrive on interaction and do best in homes where owners enjoy spending leisure time with their pets. They will help you cook dinner, watch television with you and curl up with you when you settle in for the night.

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