Smooth Stray Dog

A rescue dog resembles an Airedale Terrier, but may be other breeds as well.

Q. Do Airedale Terriers always have a curly, wavy coat, or do they ever have a smooth coat? I took in a stray dog that resembles an Airedale Terrier, but his coat is very smooth. He has the black-and-tan coloring as well as the terrier face. Perhaps he is a Mixed Breed with a general look of a terrier?

A. I am not aware of a smooth-coated gene in the Airedale Terrier. However, the black-and-tan coloring is a common coat pattern in various hound breeds as well as in the Doberman Pinscher. It’s hard to know without seeing your dog, but he may be an Airedale-Beagle, -Foxhound, or -Doberman cross.

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