Smooth Fox Terrier

This outgoing breed makes a cheerful friend.

Keep them busy and then some
Happy and affectionate, Smooth Fox Terriers’ non-stop energy supply allows them to enjoy life to the fullest. Virginia O., a California-based breeder, says they can be fairly easy to live with, so long as they’re given loads of attention and plenty of exercise.

“Most of their bad habits, like barking and digging, arise from boredom,” says Virginia, who met her first Smooth Fox Terrier in 1978. “Give them love and attention and something to do, and they are fairly undemanding dogs, always ready to play or cuddle when you are. They do need a fenced yard, as they are curious and fearless natural explorers. If they get out, they can get quite a long way from home in a very short time, and will follow a cat or child or anything of interest.”

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