Smitten With Kittens

A litter of stray kittens visits the office, and all work stops.

By far the most delightful aspect of my job is handling cats and kittens. And what a litter of adorable rescued kittens we had in our office this week!

In a carrier, huddled atop a donated red scarf, the kittens hardly moved. Apart from turning their necks to peek at the strange people cooing at them, the darling kittens were bewildered and maybe a little scared.

Enter my amazing colleagues, animal lovers through and through, who took on the job of socializing the kittens. Rotating groups of six people entered my office, each person holding a sweet little furball close to his or her chest, gently stroking it and quietly speaking to it.

As the day progressed, the kittens visibly became more comfortable, walking around my office and eating from the bowl I put out. I have no doubt that the hours of peaceful and loving interaction have changed these kittens’ lives for the better.

As Cat Fancy’s editor, I communicate the important role that cats play in our lives and how we can support and better the lives of felines. Seeing these ideas in practice right in front of me is just so gratifying.

Enjoy the slideshow of the kittens.

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