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Games, Fun And Other Great Stuff!
If you’re ready for fun, is the place to go! The Fun & Games section of the site is packed with interesting things to do. From critter coloring pages to caption contests to weekly quizzes and more!

Are games your thing? Feel like testing your memory? Then try our version of the classic Memory Game. Of course, it has a critter twist. You’ll be matching images of critters!

Are puzzles more your thing? Then challenge your jigsaw-puzzle assembly skills. You can choose one of many critter images to assemble, and it’s much more fun to assemble a jigsaw puzzle online! Try to improve your score or beat other people’s high scores. The harder the difficulty you choose and the faster you assemble, the higher your score.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the Fun & Games section. We also have critter videos from pet owners just like you. Some are funny, some are silly, some are amazing — and they’re all endearing tributes to the wonderful pets that share our lives. You’re sure to enjoy watching these, and why not upload some of your own to share with everyone?

Another popular, fun feature at the site is the ability to create a page for your pet. All you need to do is join Club Critter (for free) and you can get started. You can upload photos, make comments, create an avatar for your pet and choose five friends to be in your critter park. People really get creative with this feature. Check out the pirate ferret created for Mingo!

Did You Know …
You can send free e-cards that feature critters, whether for birthdays, holidays or other occasions? 

You can connect with other small animal pet enthusiasts online at our forums, both general and species-specific? 

You can ask questions from one of our many critter experts, or review their answers to questions previously asked? Four new questions and answers are posted every month. 

You can ask our veterinarian medical questions about your small animal pet, or read the questions previously asked? Four new medical questions and answers are posted every month. 

You can access Ferrets magazine, which is free online with new articles, columns, products and Q&A’s every month, at SmallAnimalChannel?  

You can read blogs about pet hamsters, pet rats, pet guinea pigs, pet gerbils and wild black-footed ferrets? 

You can submit your answer to the following question: You know you’re a critter lover when …? 

For more information on small animal pets, pick up the 2010 issue of Critters USA or click here to buy the issue.

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