Small Animal Pets Who Were Naughty

These hamsters, rabbits and ferrets are adorable, but they also do things that can drive people crazy.

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Nobody gates Charlie in! Courtesy of Eden Strong

It was 2:30 a.m., and I sat up in bed just knowing that something wasn’t right. As I made my way down the stairs I was greeted by a happy, little, fluff ball of a rabbit named Charlie.

Apparently my husband had fallen asleep before putting Charlie back into his cage, and Charlie took advantage of his unsupervised freedom to chew through everything we owned  — and was thankfully not electrocuted in the process. By the light of the Christmas tree, Charlie had chewed up a lamp cord, the cable line, the entire bottom of the sofa, the surround-sound speakers, a chair leg, two pairs of shoes and a 3-foot section of carpet.

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In other words, Charlie and my husband were in a lot of trouble, and moved directly to the top of Santa’s Naughty List. To be honest, year after year I’m pretty sure Charlie’s name stayed there, because his curiosity always seemed to get the best of him.

Charlie was so cute that he was never in any real danger of being evicted from my household, and I know that a lot of pet owners feel the same way about their mischievous little friends. So in honor of Charlie, here are 9 rabbits, ferrets and hamsters who are much-loved but probably joining Charlie on Santa’s Naughty List this year.

1. This hamster needs to learn to share.

2. This ferret and dog need to stop fighting!

3. “Rabbit, stop picking on your little brother.”

4. “Where are your table manners, Hamster?”

5. “Hamsters, no one likes a playground bully.”

6. This dog and ferret need to stop teasing each other, mainly the ferret!

7. “Rabbit, if you don’t stop playing with your food and start keeping your room clean, Santa is not going to bring you anything new.”

8. “Hey Ferret, you do not take things that aren’t yours without asking first.”

9. “How many times have I told you to stop jumping in the house?”

So as you can see, Santa’s bag might be a little lighter this year because some of those cute faces are just not going to find their way onto Santa’s Nice List. But knowing Charlie, I’m not sure he or other naughty critters really care.

black-footed ferret face
Via Ryan Moehring/USFWS/Flickr 
Would this black-footed ferret care which of Santa’s lists he was on?

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