Small Animal Pets And ‘Star Wars’

Hamsters, rabbits, hedgehogs and ferrets get in on the social phenomenon that is "Star Wars.”

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It's all about Stormtroopers. And guinea pigs. Via The.Rohit/Flickr

“Star Wars” has been with us since the release of the original movie in 1977. And it has earned millions of fans throughout the years, so why wouldn’t part of that rub off into another passion of people — their pets. Watch as ferrets, a hamster, a hedgehog and prairie dog all join the “Star Wars” universe.

1. Way back in 2007 someone took the famous dramatic chipmunk/prairie dog video and added a lightsaber to it.

Well, someone had to.

2. When a ferret was captured on video being startled, of course it meant he just got some bad news about his parentage.

3. You know what that BB-8 droid reminds me of? A hamster ball.

Here’s proof.

4. What would a ferret look like holding a lightsaber?

Thanks to YouTube user Oh Biscuit, now we know!

5. Sphero, the manufacturer of the BB-8 droid, began releasing various videos of the toy’s adventures earlier this year.

One shows BB-8 meeting a hedgehog. The hedgehog was unimpressed.

6. Most rabbit people have heard of disapproving rabbits.

It’s just that rabbits kinda have a disapproving expression a lot of the time. Add to that people who chose to dress up or otherwise bedeck their rabbit with “Star Wars” paraphernalia, and you have a memorable article from Distractify showing photos of very disapproving rabbits.

What mix of “Star Wars” and small animal pets have you seen?

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