Slow Down Fast Eater to Stop Vomiting

Dog who vomits after eating likely eats too quickly.

Q. I have an 8-month-old Maltese who seems to have a delicate stomach. She is in good health with all shots up to date, but she throws up sometimes – especially right after eating. She also burps. Is this because her stomach is too full?

A. Many dogs vomit every two weeks for no apparent reason, and it could be considered totally normal. However, this may actually be regurgitation rather than vomiting. Regurgitation occurs soon after eating, does not usually involve full body heaving, and results in a tubular-shaped mass of undigested food. Regurgitation most often is the result of eating too fast.
If your Maltese eats too quickly, try one of the new dog bowls designed to slow down fast eaters. If your dog continues to vomit on a regular basis, or it appears to be worsening, take her to her vet. She may have stomach parasites or some other infection or intestinal inflammation.

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